Shelter Sunday began in the beautiful setting downtown known as Pulaski Park, with the goal of every household in Northampton contributing just $1 to helping the homeless. Over the years, the participating agencies have changed, but one thing remains constant: that simple goal.

Through these years, these dedicated organizations have seen thousands of individuals and families through the toughest times in their lives.

In the beginning, a handful of folks canvassed as much as the city as possible.  With each passing year, more and more volunteers joined in. We have many regular volunteers, but we could always use more help!

For our 26th year, we are doing a pre-event mailing and will limit our canvassing. We hope you choose to donate this year by responding to our mailing. If your neighborhood is also targeted for canvassing, we hope you will open your door on Sunday, October 15th. Our volunteers have a lot to share about the important work of these organizations.  Your participation will help us reach our goal of $60,000.

Shelter Sunday is a fall tradition here in Northampton. Our long history is evidence of the your warm generosity. We look forward to you joining with us this year! Donations in any amount are always welcome.  Please see our Volunteer page for more information on what you can do to help.