Participating Organizations

Three organizations make up the Shelter Sunday Coalition.  Each organization provides essential services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness in our community.


ServiceNet’s Grove Street Inn is a year-round temporary shelter for adults. Many of the guests there, and others in the community, make use of ServiceNet’s Resource Center at 43 Center Street, which is open Monday thru Friday to help people with employment and housing searches, access to medical care, and other support. At the same site, in partnership with Friends of Hampshire County Homeless, ServiceNet staffs the Interfaith Emergency Shelter throughout the winter months. And to further help people move out of homelessness, the agency provides transitional and permanent housing options, including Yvonne’s House (which was donated by Friends of Hampshire County Homeless) and the Florence Inn. 413.585.1300.

Friends of Hampshire County Homeless

The Interfaith Emergency Shelter provides shelter for adults from November 1 thru May 1. Working in partnership with ServiceNet staff, Friends of Hampshire County Homeless covers the shelter’s operating costs and coordinates teams of volunteers who bring in meals every evening and provide comfort, friendship and support to the guests. The Friends also support guests with needed footwear, clothing, and toiletries; offer prescription assistance until staff can help guests get insurance; and pay security deposits for guests who have enough income to rent a place but find the deposits an obstacle. 413.586.5787.

Manna Community Kitchen

Manna Community Kitchen serves healthy, free, and locally sourced meals to people experiencing food insecurity throughout the greater Northampton community. Manna partners with area farms, businesses, and organizations; and has a committed crew of volunteers who help chop, stir, and serve over 800 meals each week. During the pandemic, Manna has shifted from hosting sit-down meals, to providing take-out and delivery. In February of this year, Manna also opened a Community Center to offer a welcoming and safe place for those experiencing housing insecurity to access laundry, showers, clothing, connections to other local services, and respite from the weather. Manna has grown significantly over the past 30 months to meet the increased need for local services and continues to look for more and different ways of supporting community members experiencing food and/or housing insecurity. 413.887.0500.

Each of these organizations is committed to helping those experiencing homelessness in our community. With your help, we will continue to meet the needs of our most vulnerable neighbors. Thank you for your support!